Extract an audio track

In this tutorial I explain how to extract an audio track from a "video" with Datura.

New project, add input file

First of all, create a new project in Datura (File, New). Then, drop your input file or click on "+". For the purpose of this tutorial, we suppose to have a single AVI file that contains one video stream (DivX) and two audio streams, both encoded in MP3 but in different languages, and we want to extract one of these audio streams as is, without reencoding it.

Define output file

In the project window, click on the second icon in the toolbar called "Output". Set the output file by clicking the button "Choose" or by manually typing the path and name. Since we have an audio track encoded in MP3, your output file should have the extension mp3. For an AAC encoded audio, you can use extensions aac or m4a (better to help Mac OS to recognize it). Let the "Muxer" parameter set to "Automatic".

Select the audio stream to extract

Select the "Audio" tab. Click on "+" to add an audio stream. In the bottom part of the window, select the audio input stream that will be used to produce this new stream. Just leave other fields blank, and ensure the selected codec is "Copy stream".

Launch the process

You can now click on "Encode" to launch the extracting process. The "Operations" window then opens with your job queued. Simply click on "Start" icon to launch the process. Enjoy !